Ultimate MIDI Web Scraper

A Python based selenium web scraper.

Mar 26, 2023



The Ultimate MIDI Scraper is a powerful tool I developed using Python and Selenium, designed to efficiently scrape the web for MIDI files from specified sources. This project showcases my proficiency in web scraping, automation, and my keen interest in music technology.

Project Features

  • Automated Scraping: Utilizes Python Selenium to navigate and extract MIDI files from various online sources, automating what would otherwise be a manual and time-consuming task.
  • Customizable Sources: The scraper is designed to target specific sources as defined by the user, offering flexibility and control over the data collection process.
  • Repository with MIDI Collection: Alongside the scraping tool, the GitHub repository includes a zip file containing a collection of MIDI files already downloaded using this tool, providing a ready-to-use resource for musicians and producers.

Source Code