Pratham Vadhulas

Software Developer
DSP Enthusiast


Computer Science (BS)


Hello, I'm Pratham! As a programmer with a knack for web development, I have a special interest in AI, specifically in the fields of neural networks, and Music AI.


  • Started my journey in tech through an array of programming and automation projects, mainly with Python.
  • Gained hands-on experience with React, working intensively for a year.
  • Contributed significantly to Vaihub, Inc., improving their data structure and delving into Natural Language Processing.
  • Conducted research in machine learning, with a specific focus on chord prediction using deep learning techniques.
  • Currently, I also work part-time as a Software Consultant, providing solutions ranging from software requests, website design, to AI applications.


    I've embarked on numerous AI-related projects and conducted research in machine learning, particularly in chord prediction using deep learning. Additionally, I run a YouTube channel where I discuss music creation and how it intertwines with programming.


When I'm not coding, I can be found producing music. To me, it's the perfect counterbalance to programming, blending creativity with logical thinking.
Away from the screens, I indulge in rock climbing and love exploring nature through hikes. It's these activities that provide a balance, fueling my creativity for my technical pursuits. I'm eager to continue this journey, constantly learning, creating, and contributing to the broader tech community.