Full-Length Album Productions

My 2 full length albums

Nov 5, 2023



Over the past 4 years, I have embarked on a transformative journey in music production, culminating in the creation of two full-length albums: "Colorful A.I." and "Eternal Jump." These works encapsulate my growth as a music producer, exploring unique themes and sounds. They represent a journey of artistic exploration, technical mastery, and emotional storytelling through music.

Themes and Inspiration

  • "Colorful A.I." is themed around an AI model developing emotions, mirroring the rise of AI tools in our world.
  • "Eternal Jump" captures the joy and freedom of living in the moment, symbolized by the exhilarating experience of a water jump.

Musical Style and Influences

Both albums blend modern pop and hip-hop with film scoring elements, aiming to create a cinematic auditory experience.


Collaborations with various artists have enriched the albums, bringing diverse voices and ideas to the forefront.

Songwriting and Composition

My approach focused on aligning each song with the album's theme, ensuring a seamless yet varied flow between tracks.

Production Techniques

Employing Ableton Live, I used advanced techniques like surround sound and ambisonics for an immersive sound experience.

Learning and Growth

The production of "Eternal Jump" was more efficient and of higher quality, reflecting the valuable lessons learned from my first album.

Future Plans

I aim to use my accumulated experience to craft more sophisticated and impactful music, pushing the creative boundaries of my art.